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Life Cover

Risk planning

Dying prematurely, becoming disabled or suffering a critical illness are all major events which would substantially impact on your financial situation and that of your family. Risk planning uses the six-step process to quantify the financial impact of such events and considers appropriate methods of managing these risks. Life insurance is one of the most cost-effective methods of providing for these risks. You will have access to industry-leading products through your financial planner.

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Ensure that your family is protected when you are no longer around. Death Benefit: Pays a lump sum to ensure that your dependants, debt, estate duty, business and other needs are taken care of if you die. 

•    Accidental Death Benefit: Pays a lump sum in the event of your accidental death. No medical testing is necessary. 
•    Final Expenses Benefits: Provides readily available cash to cover final expenses such as relatives having to travel to the funeral, the funeral itself, and clearing debts such as credit cards. You can also cover your partner, your biological or legally adopted children, and up to four extended family members, including your parents.