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There is a growing gap between what the medical aid benefits cover for certain in-hospital procedures versus the actual cost of the procedures, and associated costs such as specialists’ fees, anaesthetist costs, etc. Turnberry ensures that any potential shortfalls in medical costs for in-hospital treatment are adequately covered.

Turnberry offers a range of products best suited to your needs, providing unsurpassed service, while at the same time helping you to avoid the potential financial burden of exorbitant medical costs.


Offering complete peace of mind, this is a comprehensive combination product with multiple benefits built into one policy. It provides some of the highest benefits in the industry and significantly enhances your medical cover.


An exciting new benefit offering to enhance your medical scheme cover, which covers the majority of the shortfall you could incur whilst in hospital.


This is the ideal benefit offering to choose if your medical aid has additional co-payments and out-of-pocket deductibles


An ideal benefit option offering additional peace of mind for Cancer cover, especially where your medical aid has limited cover.


This benefit offers assists where your medical aid has additional co-payments and sub-limits.


This benefit option assists with covering the shortfall between what your medical aid covers versus the private in-hospital rates, especially for the costs of specialists and anaesthetists.


This benefit option assists where your medical aid has additional co-payments.


This benefit is ideal if your medical aid has a stipulated overall annual limit. Maxi-Care will ensure that you are adequately covered by increasing your overall annual limit, as well as covering some additional benefits including sub-limit cover and a stated benefit.


An international travel cover through TIC and Europ Assistance is offered as an added-value to all Turnberry policyholders on request. The cover ensures end-to-end emergency assistance by air, land or sea.

Notification of travel must be given to Turnberry on 0861 000 509 at least 48 hours prior to departure, during the hours 08h00 to 16h00 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). You will then be issued a travel certificate.