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Turnberry Execu-care

Why Execu-Care?
Turnberry Execu-Care is a comprehensive combination product with multiple benefits built into one policy. Turnberry Execu-Care provides some of the highest benefits in the industry and significantly enhances your medical cover. The product is compatible with most Medical Aid options. The maximum age at entry is 65 years next birthday.

You have to have a medical aid to enjoy the benefits of GAP and Top Up Cover

Monthly premium (family/individual) (2016 Rates)

Turnberry Execu-care


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Offering complete peace of mind, this is a comprehensive combination product with multiple benefits built into one policy. It provides some of the highest benefits in the industry and significantly enhances your medical cover.


  •  Covers up to 500% of the medical aid rate. Unlimited overall annual limit
  •  Co-payment cover of R20 000 per admission per insured, including co-payments for MRI, CT and PET scans done out of hospital. Unlimited overall annual limit
  •  Sub-limit cover of R10 000 per admission per insured. Unlimited overall annual limit
  •  Cancer cover of R200 000 per diagnosis, per insured (R200 000 excess)
  •  Biological Cancer Drug cover of R350 000 per individual and R1 000 000 per family per annum (see list of Biological Cancer Drugs)
  •  Stated benefits payable depending on the number of days in hospital, payable from day three (see list of Stated Benefits)
  •  Casualty benefit for treatment at a hospital out-patient emergency facility (accidents only) limited to R7 500 per treatment per insured. Unlimited overall annual limit
  •  Personal Accident benefit of R20 000 per insured on the policy, covers death and permanent and total disability
  •  Travel Cover of R5 000 000 per insured with an option to buy up


Maximum entry age is 65 years next birthday


The lists below provide the cancer types that may require treatment through the use of a biological cancer drug and the associated biological cancer drug covered under Execu-Care.


HER 2 + Breast Cancer Acute myeloid leukaemia
Advanced hepatocellular carcinoma Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Chronic myeloid leukaemia Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
Hairy cell leukaemia Myelodysplasia
HER -ve breast cancer Gastrointestinal stromal tumour
Multiple myeloma Non-small cell lung cancer
Non-hodgkins lymphoma Metastatic colorectal cancer
Advanced renal cell carcinoma Head and neck cancer


Herceptin Mylotarg Nexavar
Gleevec Sprycel Faslodex
Velcade Tarceva Alimta
Zevalin Avastin Erbitux
Sutent Fludara Mabthera


Stated cash back benefit in the event of hospitalisation provides additional cash, as hospital treatment can be costly. The benefits are shown in the table below.

Childbirth R1 250
3 – 7 days R1 250
8 – 14 days R2 500
15 – 21 days R3 750
22+ days R5 000

Note: Limited to 2 claims per individual and 5 claims per family per annum.



  • A 3-month general waiting period applies to all benefits, with exception of benefits providing cover up to 500% should the commencement of the policy be in line with the commencement date of the medical scheme
  • A 9-month waiting period on pregnancy/childbirth
  • A 12-month waiting period on: hysterectomy (except where malignancy can be proven), hysteroscopies and endometrial ablations; muscular-skeletal (except in the event of an accident); tonsillectomy, grommets, adenoids, wisdom teeth and treatment or surgery for a hernia (except as a result of emergency surgery)
  • No benefits shall be payable for an insured event for which the Insured person received treatment or advice 12 (twelve) months prior to becoming an insured person. This exclusion only applies to the first 12 (twelve) months of an Insured persons cover
  • Lifetime exclusion for pre-diagnosed cancer on all cancer benefits


Underwritten by Constantia Insurance Company Limited.


The purpose of this product description is to provide a brief overview of Turnberry’s products. In the event of any dispute the terms and conditions as stated in the client’s policy document issued by Turnberry shall prevail.

This is not a medical scheme and the cover is not equivalent to that of a medical scheme. This policy is not a substitute for medical scheme membership.