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Support your family – get your free will

Despite the importance of having a will, statistics indicate that most South Africans don’t have wills. The employee value proposition (EVP) has highlighted having an executable will as a critical component of your overall Financial Wellness. A will enables you to support your family when you are no longer there and ensures that your last wishes are respected.

Did you know?

  • If you die without a will in place there are delays in dealing with your estate, which could affect your family if they are relying on their inheritance for an income.
  • If you live with someone but are not married to that person, the law will not necessarily recognise your ‘common-law’ spouse as a beneficiary of your estate, unless you have a will naming your partner as a beneficiary.

MMI employees who do not have a will or need to update their will, can contact their financial adviser about drafting a professional will or updating an existing one. This is a free service that MMI offers to all its employees. Through Momentum Trust you can draft a free will if the trust is the nominated executor. If it is not the nominated executor, then you will get a 50% discount on drafting the will. The only fee that is payable is the annual R85.50 safe custody fee.

Steps to follow to draft your will:

  1. Financial planning

Contact your financial adviser.

  1. Draft a will

Momentum Trust will be appointed by your estate adviser who manages the relationship on your behalf. The Momentum Trust team will meet with you and your financial adviser to give you points to follow to ensure that your will is understandable and not misinterpreted.

  1. Custody

Once your will is drafted, it is kept in a safe place together with other related documents. This prevents any loss, theft or damage.

Take advantage of this opportunity through the MMI EVP and make sure you get a will drafted today! The future is unpredictable, so ensure that you are prepared and your family is supported.