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Structural changes

Bonitas Marketing (Pty) Ltd (BMC) has undergone some strategic planning in consultation with Bonitas Medical Fund (the Fund) and as a result both parties have jointly concluded the long-term growth strategy and most appropriate route to achieving this.

The changes in the external environment have necessitated structural changes which are necessary in order for the organization to continue to derive the best value for its clients and partners.

These include ensuring continual adaptation to the external environment, aligning our services in conjunction with the administrative function to the Fund, maximizing growth opportunities that are presenting themselves to the organization and ensuring improved and focused service to our brokers

It is with the above context that Bonitas Marketing (Pty) Ltd, in consultation with all stakeholders concerned, has taken the decision to transfer the administrative and related functions to Medscheme, our administrative partner. This would include the transfer of the Customer Management Consultants in line with all appropriate legislation.

It is envisaged that the effective date of the transfer will be 1st September 2015. In order to ensure optimal service provision and to ensure minimal disruption to services, the affected employees will relocate offices and will have different reporting lines as of 1st August 2015 ahead of the effective date.

All stakeholders including our members and brokers are uppermost in mind in ensuring a smooth transition and in a manner that derives the best outcome for all involved. We do not anticipate any major disruption to service however should you have the need for further clarity, please do not hesitate to contact your respective Business

Development Managers.