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Steps that Care Line Group takes to deal new Medical Aid applications.

New business starts with the capturing of the new medical aid application.Steps Careline Groups takes to new medical aid applications

As soon as we receive it from the admin manager, we quickly check that all the signatures are in place and that all the documents are correct and in order.

We then start capturing the member’s personal details, followed by the details on the medical aid application.  As soon as all the details are captured, we start scanning the documents to our computer for capturing.

The Care Line Group contract is then emailed to the member and the broker, and the sent email is dragged to our scan’s folder.

The medical aid application is also emailed but to the Medical aid scheme, which was chosen by the member, and again the sent emailed is dragged to our scans folder.

Should there be a Gap cover application the same is done with the application.

On the system under Medical aid notes we place a copy of the sent items (Care Line Group contract, Medical aid application and Gap cover).  On the documents scanned section another copy of the email is placed.

Lastly the member has to be sent a sms advising the member we received and processed the application, with our contact number at the end.  The same sms is also sent to the broker.  A copy of the sms is also saved under the Medical aid notes.

The  app is given back for further processing.

All further follow up on the application is done with the medical aid schemes, and members until the application is active and the COM received and sent to member with a Welcome Letter.  A Membership number is then sent to the member and broker.

Contact Care Line Group to sign up for a Medical Aid on 0861 45 00 45 or compete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you.