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Short Term Insurance

The purpose of short term insurance is to assist you, should you be in an accident or for the loss of damage to your vehicle or goods. You can get cover for your building (house), household contents, all risk items and vehicles.Short Term Insurance let Care Line Group in Alberton get you coverd

Here are hand tips that Care Line Group wants to point out to you when choosing a Short Term Insurance.

  • When insuring your building, confirm with your broker that all fixtures are covered, for an example, pool pump, geyser etc.
  • You need to provide your broker with all means of security taken to protect your property, for an example burglar bars, security gates, alarms linked to security companies,  etc.
  • When insuring your household contents, you should make sure that you are not under insured.  Take in consideration that should there be a fire you will have to replace clothing, bedding, curtains, furniture, etc.
  • It is suggested to keep proof when purchasing new items.
  • All risk means all items that can be taken away from your property, for an example cell phones, laptops, spectacles, expensive sport equipment, etc.  Serial numbers as well as values of these items must be provided.
  • When insuring your vehicle, you must provide year, model, value, colour, security features, and all extras.
  • Remember to provide details of immobilizer, alarms, trackers etc, as this can affect your monthly premium.
  • All extras includes radio and accessories, mags, canopies, etc.
  • When using a bakkie for company purposes, you can also get cover for tools or equipment in transit.
  • It is important to confirm that both your building and vehicle are covered against hail damage.
  • When you are applying for a quote, your claims history for the past five years will be a requirement.  Therefore make sure that you are providing your broker with the correct information, as non declaration of previous claims will result in new claims being rejected.

Care Line Group is an authorized financial service provider, give us a call on 0861 45 00 45 to get a free comprehensive quote on your Short Term Insurance Today.

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