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Save on your monthly premiums

Ways in which to save money on your monthly insurance premium:

  • Get Care Line Group to obtain the most competitive quotes that will meet your requirements and to manage your portfolio thereafter; 
  • Ensure that all insured items are insured at the correct replacement value;
  • All items must be listed and insured in the correct sections. In other words your policy must be structured correctly;
  • Your no-claim bonus must be borne in mind at all times;
  • Obtain different quotes from different insurers and compare them carefully. Do not accept the first quote that is offered to you. Ensure that you understand what you are covered for; 
  • Review your insurance policies at least once a year and apply the necessary depreciation of motor vehicles and other items;
  • Security of motor vehicles and buildings plays a prominent role in determining insurance premiums;
  • Take out your household and motor vehicle insurance at the same insurer;
  • Lower monthly insurance premiums are guaranteed by a good insurance record; and
  • Do not claim unnecessary – once again, remember your no-claim bonus!

We, at Care Line Group, will adjust your vehicle’s depreciated value each year that will automatically lower your premiums.