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Safer Seizures?

Epileptics – make your home safe

It is a well-known fact that most accidents happen in the home. If you suffer from epilepsy, you need to take a little extra care to avoid unnecessary injury, especially with 20 – 26 June being National Epilepsy Week.

The action you need to take

Don’t keep internal house doors locked; fit room doors so that they open outwards – if you have a seizure inside the room and fall against the door, it can be easily opened from outside. Put down thick carpeting (also on the bathroom floor) to cushion against falls. Choose padded furniture with rounded corners. Don’t smoke or light fires or candles when you’re alone. Avoid heaters that can tip over or that have an exposed heating element. Use an iron with an automatic shut-off switch. Choose low chairs (or with arms to prevent falls) and a low, wide bed, and install safety glass in windows and doors.