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Risk Cover

Life Cover
Our executive teams would assist you in ensuring that you have the correct and sufficient cover in place by giving you the best, qualified and professional advice.  We do come across many families where the spouses did not ensure to leave sufficient funds behind for the surviving spouse and minor children to maintain the same or better living standards.  In most of these cases families are worse off and live in poverty.  In some cases surviving spouses are left with enormous amounts of debt which they can’t afford and lose the little they have.  Minor children may also have to be placed in foster care or orphanages.

Disability Cover

Should you become disabled due to an accident or illness and you can not carry out your daily duties you would still need to cover your monthly debt.  You would also have to think about generating an income to maintain the same living standards as before.  This is what you would have to think about if you do not have disability cover or sufficient cover in place.

Income Protector

Should you land up in hospital or in a situation where you do not receive an income and your sick leave runs out or even worse being self employed with no income, then this cover would give you piece of mind.  This will cover your full salary for the first year and from year two it will cover 70% of your income.

Critical Illness Cover

The current statistics are clearly indicating that cancer and cardiovascular illnesses are taking over the cause of the death rate in South-Africa.  Should such an illness come down your path, it is always good to know that you have some cover that could assist in excessive hospital bills which your medical aid do not always cover.  It could also assist, should you need cosmetic surgery or proper prosthesis.

Funeral Cover

9 out of 10 people we meet do not have funeral cover in place.  This is a normal point we cover should we assist you with any of our other services.  We will also assist you with your Will, (another aspect which people do not think about), at no additional cost.  We could also assist you with an executor for your estate, and create a trust for your minor children.

Business Life Cover (Buy & Sell)

Did you know that only this policy can protect you from losing your business to any person that might claim it from your estate.  This
is the only policy recognised by the Courts to protect your business and to ensure it is being taken over by the people you intended it to go to.  This agreement would be supported by a life policy that would pay out to your estate but in return give ownership to the intended beneficiary.  This would then be a legal agreement that would stand its ground in any Court and no one can claim ownership or no appointed executer can hand it over to a person, to his discretion.