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Retirement Annuities

Retirement savings/annuity

Financial stability in old age

Pre-retirement planning

The majority of South Africans do not retire financially independent and usually discover that they cannot afford to retire when it’s too late. Planning for retirement considers your required income at retirement in relation to your existing provision and quantifies any additional amounts that you must save in order to achieve your objectives.

Pre-retirement planning allows you to decide at what age you can retire and whether your required income at retirement is reasonable in relation to your circumstances. Your financial planner will recommend products or funds suitable for your risk profile and requirements should additional retirement savings be needed.

Post-retirement planning

Once you have saved for retirement, your accumulated funds you must invest to provide you and your dependants with an income. Planning at retirement involves analysing your investments and considering the most tax-effective method of investing. Our financial planners have access to a range of products, including guaranteed and flexible annuities, suitable for all needs and risk profiles. To advise you at retirement, your financial planner must gather enough information to analyse your situation and make recommendations suitable for you.

Planning for retirement? Ready to Retire? Already Retired? Annuities can help you meet your financial goals in this period of uncertainty. Planning for retirement is a process that should be started long before you actually retire. Experts recommend that you save on average 10% of your annual income every year to fund your retirement account.