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Policy update test

Terms and Conditions
Appropriate financial advice can only be furnished after full and proper disclosure of relevant personal and private information about the client;

Such information is furthermore required to –
A] determine my financial situation, financial product experience and financial needs and objectives;
B] acquire, maintain and service my financial product or to render related intermediary services.

Such information may include any information relating to, or interest in –
A] Long-term insurance;
B] Collective investment schemes;
C] Pension funds;
D] Any other financial product or service.

My / our interests will be best served for stated purpose if any and all such information is provided by –
A] The Financial Services Exchange [Pty] Ltd, trading as Astute, or any other institution providing a mechanism for the transmission of such Information, or
B] any other authorized financial services provider.

I / we herewith give consent to the Financial Service Provider and / or his authorized user[s], below to obtain such information through Astute:

Financial Service Provider: Care Line Trading CC
FSP License Number: 24230
Authorised User: Gert Coenraad Frederik du Plooy

I\we confirm that the Financial Service Provider and\or his authorized user[s] will be acting on my / our behalf and I / we hereby waive any right to privacy only for the stated purpose. All information so obtained must be treated as confidential by the Financial Service Provider and / or his authorized user[s] and may not be made public in any way without my / our written consent.

This consent to obtain information will remain effective until cancelled by me / us in writing.

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