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Picky eating can put children’s health at risk

While many children may go through phases of different picky eating behaviours, some do so to a worrying degree and parents may even seek a doctor or nutritionist’s advice.

Unfortunately, though, in instances where children seem to have a healthy appetite, it may not be apparent to parents that the range of foods their child is consuming is actually very small, therefore limiting there sustenance.
It’s in these instances that Pfizer Nutrition’s Promise PE Gold is now available to help parents of picky eaters. Specially designed for picky eating children aged two and above to provide them nutrition they are missing, the nutritious new milk supplement contains more than 40 nutritional ingredients, including 25 essential ingredients found in seven major food categories, namely grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, eggs and milk.

Studies show that children who are picky eaters may have inadequate nutrient intake, are more likely to be underweight at early school age as compared to non-picky eating children and are at risk for several nutrition-related problems. They also typically skip meals, consume a limited number of foods, do not have much interest in food, eat slowly and eat little.
Malnutrition a threat to health According to recent research in South Africa which was commissioned by Pfizer Nutrition, one of the world’s primary child nutrition companies and conducted by YouGov Siraj, mothers seldom acknowledge that their child is underweight or even overweight, nor do the majority think their child has a poor appetite. Mothers do, though, believe the mental development of their child to be the most important factor for their child’s growth and normal development followed closely by physical growth.

Malnutrition, in every form, presents significant threats to human health. The World Health Organisation says that the world faces a double burden of malnutrition today, which includes both under nutrition and overweight, especially in developing countries. If your child is not eating a variety of foods – especially fruits and vegetables – that can supply him with the nutrients required for optimal health, his pickiness could put him at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies and make him susceptible to infection.
Promise PE Gold is a safety net rather than a substitute for fresh foods, as a balanced and varied diet is always the best choice to ensure proper nutrition for the growing children.
Katherine Megaw, Clinical dietician Katherine Megaw says: “The introduction of nutritional supplementation is intended to support the nutritional needs of your child while correcting his picky eating habits.”

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