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When you have a medical aid, you need to know what exactly is covered and how about making sure that everything is covered. Without this coverage you will have to pay out of your pocket for every medical expense for yourself and your family.

This can cause you to go into debit and eventually you’r not going to be able take out a loan, credit cards or anything else. That is why a lot of single persons and families should look into gap coverage for their medical aids. Firstly find out what this coverage is exactly and if you need it.

Gap cover is a medical insurance product that can be purchased and added additionally to your existing medical aid. It assist medical aid members to be protected by covering all their short payments regarding in hospital treatments and doctors visits.

Most medical schemes cover hospital costs at a rate of 100 % medical aid rate. Some specialists, anaesthetists, surgeons and various other healthcare medical providers charge in excess to the recommended rate. This can be up to four of five times this recommended rate.

Having this gap coverage can pay the differences that accumulate between the medical aid scheme’s payment and the actual private rate that is charged to the patient. This can be an upper limit up to four or five times the medical aid rate. This takes a lot of stress off the main member of the medical aid and place you in a position to be able to see the specialists of your choice without the fear of having to pay out of your pocket.

All you have to do is to complete the necessary form and this will be add onto the scheme as proof of the extra cover when you get admitted into hospital.