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Are you a Momentum Multiply Member?

If so you are well on your way to saving money……. If not call us to find out more;

We Simply just have to become Momentum Multiply friendly, it is after all the most ideal way to save money and get a big discount.

Nothing is for free anymore but this almost is.

  • Is it going to cost us a little more effort? YES, but we must ask ourselves what do we get in return?
  • I myself am a very good and practical example that it really works and that there are no hidden agendas. We would just like to make you more aware of your health status and get you more active.
  • We basically just need our 16 active days per month as well as our Dischem visit to assist us to get our “Healthy Heart Score”
  • The rest is just administrative, all you have to do is follow the attached information that I have sent you, or alternatively go and check on the website under “how to improve my status”.
  • And if all else fails, please don’t google, phone the Multiply help Line on 0861 88 66 00.
  • Your active days work as follows:
  • 10 000 steps per day (just for 16 days a month), yes you will have to get a steps meter
    • Check on the website for all the compatible devices.
  • Or burn 300 calories per session
    • For example, I will burn 300 calories faster by walking around the block than I would by sitting deskbound in the office all day.
    • Or a gym session.
    • Or by attending an event like a registered fun run or a bicycle riding day.
  • Log onto the website and spend some time on it, that way you will see what you are missing.
  • Remember, if you are on Multiply for 2 years, you can earn Private Club status.
  • The biggest secret of the year is that you can receive R 1 000 per month for free by having a medical aid with Momentum for 2 years, otherwise you will get up to R 800 per month. This beats any other Medical Aid out there.
  • The new thing is to plan and manage your day to day benefits, otherwise you won’t be able to afford medical aid forever.
  • In a way you are saving your medical aid cash flow for retirement.

So if you struggle please phone the call centre hey are open until 7 pm in the evening on weekdays. Be wise and do your thing.

I will make you a deal, get yourself to Platinum status and use your benefits and have a look at your discount and health returns. And I will guarantee you that you will start following the Multiply religion and won’t be able to go without it again.