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Momentum health

Your Health is your Wealthmomentum

No matter how much wealth you have, it is difficult to enjoy quality of life if you are not in good health.  Momentum Health helps you to safeguard and even improve your health, while also preserving and growing your wealth.

From offering free preventative screening, access to HealthReturns and savings on contributions to a strong claims paying ability, this philosophy underpins the growing popularity of Momentum Health.

Momentum health’s unique approach to healthcare means you can:

  • Save up to 35% on your contribution – without sacrificing any benefits – through provider choice discounts
  • Earn up to R5400 per adult per year, get free GP visits and increase your in-hospital specialist cover through Momentum’s HealthReturns programme in only a few steps – including going for a free health Assessment, complying with appropriate treatment where applicable and being active
  • Enjoy a variety of free preventative care benefits under the Health Platform Benefit, including an annual Health Assessment, a host of maternity benefits and more
  • Make provision for healthcare expenses, such as vitamins or co-payments through the HealthSaver
  • Access emergency numbers, member details, claim statements and more through your cellphone on their mobi app or visit their mobisite at mobi
  • Join Momentum’s rewards programme, Multiply, and receive great discounts from more than 40 providers, such as Virgin Active, NuMetro, Garmin and more


Do more. Live more. Get More

Enjoy great rewards

Travel and holidays, shopping, sport equipment, gadgets

-Momentum makes it easy for you to enjoy the things you love and value.

As a full Multiply member, you get immediate discounts on a wide range of leisure activities and shopping items.  As you improve your Multiply status, your rewards will increase as well.

  • Up to 80% discount off your monthly membership fee at Virgin Active or Planet Fitness
  • Up to 25% back in Dis-Chem benefit points on your benefit card on selected Dis-Chem products and up to 10% back in benefit points on all other products
  • 15% to 40% discount on return international flights through Emirates or Virgin Atlantic
  • 5% to 50% savings on all local flights through Mango
  • Up to 40% discount on car rental with Avis
  • NuMetro movie tickets from just R20
  • Access to five free training programmes per year through FitTrack designed by professional coaches
  • Great savings on electronics and accessories with their online shopping partners
  • Discounted subsciptions on some of your favourite magazines
  • 5% to 20% off vouchers from The Pro Shop and Cycle Lab when you buy from the Multiply online shop