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Midway 2015 – Investment and Risk special offers and discounts

Midway 2015 is underway and to help you make the most of this mid-year production competition our Risk and Investment teams have some special offers and incentives for you.

You can Click Here for a one page summary containing more details on the following special offers and competition:

Lifestyle Protector

7.5% discount on Living Lifestyle Plus with the Top-Up and Extended Options.
5.0% discount on Living Lifestyle with the Top-Up and Extended Options
Enhancing the Income Protector special offer from R60 000 to R100 000 lump sum cover free of underwriting

Get your name written in the stars with FullView! The adviser or broker who signs up the most clients every two weeks during Midway 2015 will have a star named after them!

Make sure you keep an eye out for our Midway 2015 ezines for more information on these offers and other product news.