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We’re established…Medshield

Considering Medshield has been operating since 1968, we really do have history and credibility on our side. With our extensive experience in the healthcare sector, we understand the needs of our members. Today the scheme is one of the largest in the country with over 110 000 principal members, covering approximately 250 000 lives in total. With our excellent cover, supported by the highest quality systems and services, it’s no wonder we’ve reached the strength and size we have.

We offer superior quality at a great price…

Each of our options offer, affordably-priced benefits. The range of benefits within them is constantly being improved to bring you what you really need – everyday with our value promise of “always there for you”. Many of our competitors put emphasis on the reward schemes they can offer their members. Instead, we focus on how we can improve the quality of healthcare you receive.

We pay our members’ claims timeously…

Medshield has a Global Credit Rating of AA- on our ability to pay claims due to the Scheme’s strong financial position, with a . Solvency ratio exceeding the regulated 25%.

Our first-class customer service…

Research has shown that our members, Healthcare Professional and brokers are more than satisfied with our service delivery. We’ve achieved this with our high standard of customer service, which includes the following:

* One day turn-around of claims
* Superior service through guidance and personal customer care
* 14-second call answer time