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Whether you’re a student, a young professional or a parent, Medihelp has the right medical aid plan to suit your unique needs and your budget.  Medihelp is one of the largest open medical schemes in the country, and more than 220,000 South Africans trust them with their health requirements every day – those they can plan for and especially those they can’t foresee.  Medihelp are committed to delivering innovative products, more value and friendly, personalised service, as they live up to their promise of making it all about you the member.Medihelp

Medihelp strives to meet the needs of their customers. 

  • Medihelp has a state of the art call centre that logs all calls and handles more than 3500 calls per day assisting their members with the best possible service.
  • All communication whether written or electronically is subject to quality control ensuring that Medihelp offers the best and sufficient service.
  • Medihelp has offices in Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Durban and Port Elizabeth.
  • Communication with Medihelp members include personalised letters, e-mails, SMSs, a free health magazine called élan, newsletters, summarised statements, and even regional information sessions which members can attend.
  • Medihelp has custom IT systems in place that allows all electronic documents to be managed in an orderly work flow.
  • An internal audit team provides independent and objective assurance and consulting services to the scheme. The internal audit team audits the scheme’s risk management, control and governance processes.
  • A forensic audit team is involved in the implementation of the scheme’s anti-fraud strategy and investigates all cases of suspected fraud and abuse.
  • For members that are visually impaired Medihelp sends tailor-made e-statements.
  • Medihelp’s website offers a wealth of information and services with a secure login that allows members to login and conduct their Medihelp business on-line.
  • Claims can be easily submitted via Medihelp’s website in scanned format.
  • Summarised statements can be received either by mail or e-mail.
  • Medihelp offers a choice between English and Afrikaans as their preferred language. Members can receive all communication in their language of choice.
  • To corporate clients, Medihelp offers a dedicated Client Relations Consultant to assist the Human Resources departments, individual employees as well as the appointed healthcare consultants like Care Line Group.

A member’s well-being depends to a large extent on their behaviour. At Medihelp Medical Scheme, they are always looking for ways to help their members improve or maintain their good health during every life stage through their very own free online wellness programme, HealthPrint.
The programme allows members to track their health status and access their medical claims history and benefits, whilst enjoying the value offered by HealthPrint’s partners.
HealthPrint offers the following life stage-specific programmes to its members:

  • HealthPrint Basic

Members can track their health status and access their medical claims history and benefits.

  • Mom-2-Be

Mom-2-be is customised to match each member’s unique health profile, lifestyle and pregnancy. A detailed timeline helps you understand the progress of your pregnancy and shows you week by week how your baby is growing.
You can also diarise your doctors’ visits, upload pictures and access your preventive care benefits.
You will earn double points at Dis-Chem and receive a baby box valued at R350.

  • MomMe

MomMe offers individualised information, fun learning activities for little ones as well as loyalty points from their MomMe partners and a one-of-a-kind HealthPrint toddler bag valued at R250, as well as a R100 takealot voucher.
New moms also join an immunisation compliance programme. This includes a telephone service with assistance and support from registered nurses at no additional charge.

  • MultiSport Club

The Medihelp MultiSport Club offers runners and cyclists the opportunity to stay active and motivated to achieve all their fitness goals. The Club gives you access to a host of information, such as a weekly blog with useful training news and a monthly club newsletter to keep you up to date about upcoming events and information about the Club’s activities.
Members who join, also receive great discounts on Club kit and Medihelp-sponsored events as well as a sports bag worth R320. The MultiSport Club’s members regularly take part in races and visit the Club tent at events.

Medihelp invites anybody that would like to attend to a regional information session and their annual general meeting date and times are available on Medihelp’s website.

Mission and values of Medihelp Medical Scheme

Medihelp’s mission

Their mission is to enhance quality of life through the cost-effective and efficient financial cover of healthcare services, in particular those that are life-saving and life-sustaining.

Medihelp’s values

Their values guide the way they do business within the scheme…

They are strategy-focused

Clarity of thought and insight allow them to focus on what really matters to their business

They are competitive

Their unique business approach and entrepreneurial spirit allow each of them to take ownership of and create new opportunities

They build relationships

Listening to and understanding their customers allow them to provide compassionate service, enabling them to meet and exceed expectations

They constantly look for ways to improve

Their belief in the value of continuous improvement drives them to be always learning, enterprising and striving for success

They live their brand

They are committed to deliver their brand in everything they do – experiencing a fresh sense of self

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