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Medical Aid Assist – Benefits

What we will do on your behalf to ensure simplicity with your Medical Aid

  • Medical aid queries
  • Day to day queries
  • Medical aid claims
  • Chronic medication registration and queries
  • Billing / financial queries
  • Benefit limits / balances and queries
  • Benefit usage
  • Option changes
  • Registration (in house) / cancellation of dependants
  • Medical aid membership cards
  • Obtaining documents e.g. Certificate of memberships, tax certificates etc
  • Advice on schemes and options
  • Medical aid updates
  • Medical aid cancellations
  • Complaints against medical aid schemes
  • Legal advice with regards to medical aids
  • Medical aid malpractice
  • Complaints
  • Gap cover queries
  • Gap cover claims
  • Gap cover cancellations
  • Care Line debit order queries
  • Free quotes on life, short term and business insurance
  • Estate planning
  • Group benefits (Employee benefits)
  • Group medical aid schemes
  • Buy and sell agreements
  • Contingency and liability business insurance