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Courtesy calling is a nice way to remind customers of upcoming appointments, check on the arrival of a replacement product or verify that a payment was received. However, it is important that the courtesy call be made the correct way. Customers don’t like receiving  sales calls, especially if they already do business with the company but a courtesy call is acceptable. This is a very important business key to build good relationships by adding this helpful service to your customer care procedures.Courtesy calling by Careline Group

We at Care Line Group always make sure that we provide our clients with the best quality of service.  When making a courtesy call to our members we make sure of the following :

  • Courtesy call is coming from a company phone
  • There is a good signal and the call is of good quality
  • We wait for the client to answer, then we introduce ourselves and the reason for call
  • We strive to be polite and help full at all times
  • We keep our call short and meaning full
  • Lastly we thank the customer for their time and remind them that we are there to assist should they need any assistance with their inquiries

Questions we ask our clients :

  • Are you on a medical aid, happy with their service and the product ?
  • Are your personal details still the same, if not we update our system ?
  • For example addresses, email addresses, cell number.
  • We inform the client about life, short term insurance, funeral cover ext and if they are interested we can arrange for a quote from a professional adviser, who will be calling them.
  • We also ask them for referrals of family and friends that might be interested in life or health.

By doing these calls we keep a professional relationship with our clients and in future they know who to deal with when it comes to medical or life inquiries.

CareLine Group will take the time to assist you read more about our Service Medical Aid Assist programs, click here.

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