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Why is Life Cover important?

Life cover offers financial assistance and security in the event of death.

Just think, your spouse passes away, you have kids to look after, a bond to pay, car debt, credit card debt, etc … and you were not the main income earner. Life going forward looks gloomy and the chances of losing all your assets can become a reality.

Having planned life cover in place takes care of all these financial situations and can offer you and your family the same financial security going forward. Enough Life cover was taken by your spouse to ensure that all debt  will be settled, Estate cost has been covered and an additional surplus amount left to spouse for investing to assist with a monthly income, replacing a lost income of the deceased, going forward.

To apply for life cover is a few easy steps:

We need all your personal details i.e. name and surname, Id number, smoker status, Highest Qualification, Occupation and income. These information is of utmost importance as it is your profile with the Life Insurance Companies.

With the assistance of a Financial Planner, we do a Asset / Liability and Income/Expenses Spreadsheet. This information is critical to do an analysis of what amount of cover is needed.

Once the amount of Cover has been established, Quotations are drawn, establish cost and  affordability of Life cover. In the event of the premium amount  for cover, is not affordable, a starting affordable premium can be decided upon and  applied for which in the future can be increased to fully implement plan.Why is Life Cover important, let Careline Group tell you why

Application forms are completed, Insurance Company will ensure that any medical tests applicable to the application being finalized. Once results are received and Insurance Company (Underwriters) is happy with all, policy will be issued and cover will be put into place.

Life cover assist in financial security for a client’s personal estate as well as financial security in the Business world, should client have own business.

CareLine Group will take the time to assist you in getting life cover that will give the important people in your life, financial security when you can’t be there anymore.

Contact CareLine Group on 0861 45 00 45 or complete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you.