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Liberty Medical

Liberty Medical Scheme at a glanceliberty

Why Liberty Medical Scheme?

You get value for your money because they help you make appropriate choices

Liberty Medical Scheme aims to help you make informed choices about the medical cover that will best suit your needs and to help you understand the benefits of the option choice you have chosen, so you can enjoy them to the full.

You enjoy quality care based on your needs

Their range of option choices has been carefully designed to suit a range of different needs and to meet those needs with quality care.  They give you the tools and benefits to make the most or your health when you are well, and to make the most of your cover when you are unwell.

Rest assured that they are dedicated to caring for and meeting your needs

They continually review their benefit design to ensure they have everything you need to make the best healthcare decisions for you and your family.

Access more benefits

All their option choices offer Extender Benefits, which cover a variety of essential day-to-day costs from the Major Medical Benefits, so you can access even more benefits without depleting your Savings or having to pay these costs from your own pocket.  For example, this includes more Preventative Care Benefits where they cover a variety of screening and diagnostic tests as well as vaccinations.

Streamlined cover with option-specific benefits

They offer their members a host of option-specific benefits such as basic and advanced dentistry, cover for chronic medicines, immunisations, oncology benefits and more.

Additional services:

  • ER24 – International Care Benefit

The policy provides cover up to a maximum of R5 million per trip (The Traditional Ultimate option choice provides up to R10 million cover) for up to 90days per trip, irrespective of how many trips are made during the year.

  • Liberty Baby Programme

Liberty medical Scheme’s Baby and Maternity Programme is designed to help educate, support and give sound advice to moms-and dads-to-be.

  • A free copy of the ‘having your baby’s pregnancy book, a book covering the health of mother and baby
  • A baby gift bag filled with goodies for mom and baby, including discount vouchers at leading suppliers and other exciting products
  • Access to a 24-hour medical advice line, with support from trained professionals
  • Access to the Liberty Baby website for general tips and advice
  • A phone call every trimester from Liberty Baby to make sure that mom and baby are making healthy progress
  • Weekly emails on what to expect at different stages of your pregnancy