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Let Care Line Group answer your question about child dependent or adult dependent

How long can a child be on their parents’ medical aid as a child dependent or adult dependent?Careline Group awnsers child dependant or adult dependant questions about Medical aid

This is a very important question and something everyone should know. First of all adding a child onto your medical aid – you have to be the natural parent or have legal papers from a court that you have either adopted the child or that the child is in your foster care. You may also add the children of your spouse on your medical aid. You may not add a child younger than 21 who is not financially dependent on you.

Children older than 21 with mental or physical disabilities may also be added to the medical aid if dependent on member. Full time students may be added to the medical aid, the age they can stay on till differs from scheme to scheme. The age is mostly between 25 – 27 years old they will however pay adult dependent rates.

Proof must be provided that the child is a full time student and the child has no form of income, must be financially dependent on parent. Schemes may ask member to provide them with a declaration of income just to double check. Children may stay on their parents’ medical aid as a full time student, an adult dependent or go onto their own option and pay full time student rates. If a child is working and earning an income more than the state pension – he/she must go into their own medical aid.

It can be more affordable for a full time student over the maximum age to go onto his/her own medical aid rather than to stay on the parents’ medical aid as an adult dependent. All the medical aid schemes we deal with have great student options.

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