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Let me ask you a question: What if you lost your job next week or worse had an accident, would your boss or the company you work for continue paying your bond and various other bills that continue to come in to your household each month? How long could you survive? Could you live on your savings?   This is something you seriously need to think about!

Guarantee, with certainty, have a salary/wages at month’s end. 
Insure your Salary


Many families battle to survive financially when your MONEY-MAKING-MACHINE  has an accident or becomes seriously ill and is unable to work. What paltry payouts will you and your dependants receive if you fail to protect your income/salary/wages? Many South Africans have hopelessly under insured their lives,their health and their ability to earn a living.


Average disability/income protection payouts from individual policies in 2003 didn’t fair any better, this only provide an income of about R1 000 a month. This is all the policyholder and his or her family will have to live on as well as make the necessary adjustments to cope with a disability and extra medical bills.

Although many people have group life and disability cover through their employer’s retirement funds, and it cannot be assumed that policyholders have policies with only one life assurer, many people do not have enough cover.

However should you have an accident and can’t work, your employer will probably pay your salary for say the first month, but then who pays after that?

If you are self employed, you are even at more RISK!  Get protection for your monthly OVERHEADS in combination with INCOME PROTECTION and lump-sum disability !!!

For example, consider a breadwinner earning a monthly income of R20 000 and with group life cover equal to twice his-annual salary. Should he die or become disabled, his family would receive a payout of R480 000. However, group life payouts are frequently taxable, and this could reduce the R480 000 to a cash lump sum of only R372 000. This depending upon the rules of the fund, as well as the tax-free portion and the policyholder’s average rate of tax.

For this example, it is assumed that the tax-free portion is R120 000 and the average tax rate is 30%. It will surprise you to know in 2003, the average payout value of new life cover policies was just R210 000.

This invested at say 10% pa will provide an income for your familyof R1,750.00 far away from R20,000.00/month salary. Will you adjust to this income ???

This RISK can all be taken away by a realatively, small monthly premium that guarantees your FAMILIES future. Is it worth the RISK to be without the COVER ? AND it’s TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Consult our Practice now !!!

Learn how to protect you INCOME/SALARY/WAGES
Its cheaper than you think!
Should you be unable to work from ill health (not Flu/Colds) or an accident it will PAY into your account. In addition to whatever salary/wages your employer pays !

If you are a Self Employed person, this is absolutely essential as it will provide for OVERHEADS !! Money for RENT; HIRE PURCHASE; BONDS; LIVING COSTS etc whilst you are unable to WORK

Example: Salary up to R10,000 per month from R150.00 per month premium, conditions apply.
Should you be unable to work through ill health or an accident it will PAY for up to age 70 years or for shorter periods designed to fit your life style
Protect your business and its expenses whilst you cannot work through accident or illness by having a steady income.

INCOME PROTECTION, protect your Salary,Wages and way of LIFE when you are SICK or INJURED