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Incentive Option

These are 2016 rates for Momentum Plan: Incentive Option

Major Medical Benefit
Associated specialists covered in full
Other specialists covered up to 200% of the Momentum Health Rate
Hospital accounts covered in full at the rate agreed upon with the hospital group
No overall annual limit applies
Co-payments may apply to 17 Specialist Referral Procedures

Hospital provider
Any or Associated hospitals

Specialised Procedures
53 procedures covered – e.g. hernia repairs, laser tonsillectomy, angiograms and hysteroscopies

Chronic Benefit
26 conditions covered – no annual limit applies
6 additional conditions covered, subject to limit per family per year

Choice of Chronic Provider 
Any, Associated or State

Day-to-day Benefit
10% of your total contribution is available in a Savings account to cover your day-to-day expenses, such as GP visits, prescribed medicine etc.

Health Platform 
Covers benefits such as Health Assessments, dental examinations, routine GP check-ups, pap smears Maternity benefit: 12 antenatal visits, 2 pregnancy scans and 2 paediatrician visits in your child’s first year

Your in-hospital provider Your chronic and day-to-day provider  Member  2 Members 2 Members & Child 
Associated in-hospital provider Any chronic providers R2228 R4020 R4852
Any in-hospital provider  Any chronic providers R2462 R4462 R5421

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