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In today’s time it is very important to have medical cover as you never know when you might need it. Medical aid cover is not only for cover when you are in a situation of illness but also for any unforeseen situations.  There are so many different types of medical cover available today for you and your family.  A hospital plan is usually a good place to start because this will provides you with basic and important medical cover.

Hospital plans are an essential form of cover  because most hospital plans includes cover for all you required in hospital procedures and follow up check ups. In most cased you won’t have to pay any extra fees for procedures, but this depends on the plan you have.

Before signing up for a hospital plan, make sure that you are familiar with the procedures to follow and what will be covered, so that you are prepared when you have to make a copayment.

A hospital plan is ideal for you if :

  • Still young and you need cover for yourself.
  • Looking for hospital cover in case of an emergency or motor vehicle accident
  • You just started to work and is looking for affordable medical aid.

Most people start with a hospital plan and as they grew older or they are getting a family, they can move to another medical aid who offer them better benefits.

A complete medical aid cover can be very expensive and not everyone has the budget for this, which is why most medical aids offer their members affordable hospital plans.

CareLine Group has many years of experience in being Medical Aid brokers. If you have questions about your medical aid, let us assist you in getting the right answers.

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