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Medical aid cover is open to a person who has been diagnosed as HIV positive and in most instances, there is no additional cost for the benefits. Most  medical aids in South Africa do have strict exclusion policies where any pre-existing chronic condition will not be covered in the first year of joining the medical aid – the same may apply for HIV/AIDS. However, after this exclusion period, you will enjoy the full benefits of medical aid cover with special programs for HIV/AIDS patients ensuring that you get the best care.

Any exclusion period that is applied to a chronic condition ultimately serves to help you in the long run. Medical aids work by pooling all the contributions of the members and paying for medical services for those members who need it. By applying this exclusion period, your medical aid can ensure that new members do not exhaust the benefits immediately and then leave the scheme. This practice would affect all members of the medical aid.

By instituting an exclusion period, a medical aid can ensure that the member is committed to proper medical cover and the scheme can collect funds and distribute it without having those who have not previously contributed draining the scheme’s resources. This policy is not discriminatory against people living with HIV/AIDS – it applies to all chronic conditions even other life-threatening illnesses.