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Not only is Medical Aid Assist an Intermediary for Individual clients, but also a conduit guiding Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Managers to Insurance cover.

Our short term department specialises in:

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Fleet Insurance cover
  • Roadside Assistance products
  • Credit shortfall/loss control products
  • Public liability
  • Professional advice

Medical Aid Assist furthermore ASSISTS Employers with –

  • Choosing and structuring Employee benefits
  • Medical aid gap cover
  • Medical aid administration
  • Risk cover
  • Pension / Provident funds
  • Family protection & Annuity 
  • Lifestyle, home loans & smart accounts
  • Employer portal & easy accessibility

Would you appreciate—
Less absenteeism?
Less dismissals based on Incapacity?
Less staff turnover
Better employment relations (including Trade unions)

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