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Funeral cover or a funeral policy is seldom considered until the time comes to organise a funeral.Funeral cover or a funeral policy is seldom considered until the time comes to organise a funeral, Let Careline Group assist you with a plan that fits your pocket

Do you know what the costs are for a funeral in 2016?

Between R7 000.00 and R30 000.00.

Why having a funeral plan or policy?

  • It makes financial worries easier : When you as the main breadwinner passed away, you don’t want your family left with financial burdens of paying your funeral. You don’t want to deal with any financial issues while you are dealing with grief and shock at the same time.
  • It brings closure : Giving someone a proper funeral is an important part of grieving. If you don’t have cover there will always be the feeling of not officially saying goodbye to the one you loved in a proper way.
  • Bring cash quickly : Funerals have to be arranged very quickly and paid for immediately. Having a funeral policy it means the cash will be deposited into your bank account within 48 hours, so you can start with the arrangements.
  • It helps with extra funeral expenses : This can include paying for a headstone, transporting guests to and from the funeral, the ceremony and the church.
  • It gives you support as well as financial assistance : This include things like bereavement counselling, legal assistance for example obtaining death certificates.
  • Financial support even after the funeral : If you as the main breadwinner passed on, your family may be left behind without any form of income for the next few months. Some funeral covers, offers you a set of income for several months after you die.  This money can be used for things like rent, food and school fees.

CareLine Group will take the time to assist you in getting a funeral plan that will support your family in a time when making decisions isn’t easy.

Contact CareLine Group on 0861 45 00 45 or compete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you.