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Fight that fatigue and up your energy levels


Having energy to make the most of each day is a vital element to a happy and healthy life. While we all experience times when we’re fatigued and lack energy, we should be energetic and alert for much of each day.

There are several factors that can affect our fatigue and energy levels:

• A lack of sleep or poor quality of that sleep.
• A lack of nutrients taken in from food and drink.
• Side-effects of medications.
• Physical inactivity.
• Overexertion or over-exercising.
• Illness (e.g. gastrointestinal disorders, heart conditions, depression, migraines, and autoimmune disorders)
• Injury.
• Stress.

Often, feeling tired is something we can easily account for (late nights up with a new baby or recent illness are common reasons why people may feel very tired). Yet, for most of us, good energy levels that last for most of the day should be achievable with regular exercise, enough sleep and a well-balanced diet.

If you have times during the day when you feel tired, or have trouble concentrating, try the following:

• Take a 5 minute break from whatever you’re doing.
• Get some fresh air.
• Have a drink of water.
• Have a healthy snack such as some dried fruit and nuts, or a cheese and salad sandwich on wholewheat bread.
• Wake your body up with some stretches or a brisk walk.

Coffee or tea is fine to use as a ‘pick-me-up’, however, it’s important that you don’t consume more than a couple of cups a day. Drinking coffee or tea in the late afternoon or evening may also make sleep difficult.