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Why Fedhealth?


Fedhealth offers on all of their plans unique benefits from a basic hospital plan to the most comprehensive cover, Fedhealth’s members gets extra added value.

Here is Fedhealth unique benefits.

  • You pay child rates until 27 years if the child is; unmarried, students and not earning more than the maximum social pension. Fedhealth children moving off from their parents Fedheatlh plan onto their own will get no underwriting.
  • Anytime during the year Fedhealth will allow their members to upgrade on their Fedheath plan, this is ideal if a member is diagnosed with a dread disease or a chronic condition. New premiums will apply.
  • Oral Contraception Pill will be paid form your Fedhealth In-Hospital benefit without using your day-to-day (OHEB and Savings). It must be prescribed by GP or Gynaecologist. Not applicable to Pills prescribed for Acne. Not available on Maxima Core and Maxima EntryZone Options.
  • Injuries sustained during sporting activities for professional and extreme sports are covered within the benefits and rules of the scheme, provided the treatment is received in South Africa.
  • Fedhealth allows you to get your MRI and CT Scans weather it is performed as an in or out-patient procedure; it comes from the Fedhealth In-Hospital Benefit without touching your day-to-day (OHEB and Savings).
  • Post -hospital medication is covered by Fedhealth for 7 days’ worth of TTO’s (take home medication) from the Fedhealth In-Hospital Benefit. The medication must both be dispensed by the hospital and reflect on the original hospital account, the same prescription dispensed by a pharmacy will be paid from your day-to-day benefits (OHEB and Savings) and not from risk.
  • Fedhealth offers in-hospital dentistry for children under the age of 8 years. The hospital and anaesthetist costs from the In-Hospital Benefit while the dentist’s account comes from day-to-day benefits (OHEB and Savings). Pre Authorisation is required.
  • Treatment received in a casualty ward for trauma, as well as any other treatment in a casualty ward immediately followed by a hospital admission, is covered from the Fedhealth In-Hospital Benefit. Trauma is defined as a physical injury to the body by an external force which requires immediate attention, for example, stitches. The Authorisation Centre must be notified within 24 hours or the next working day. General radiology will also be paid from the In-Hospital Benefit if it is part of the treatmen
    t in the casualty ward.

Is real medical aid just some pretty pay-off line or does it mean something? 

Well, yes it is pretty, but it also stands for everything we are and all that we do. Everyone throws words like truth, integrity and authenticity about, but how many really mean it?
For us, being real means that we stay true to our core business. We do what we do and do it well.

Fedhealth is famous for:

Being empathetic: Not forcing you to deal with expenses when you’re coping with the trauma of being hurt or sick in hospital through providing benefits like unlimited hospitalisation.

Understanding different needs: A growing family has different needs to that of an older couple whose children have left home. That’s why we pay for casualty treatment from Risk without asking you to fork out of your day-to-day benefits or even your own pocket.

Taking care of your money: We pay for specialised radiology from Risk; we cover Oral Contraceptives from Risk on most options; we treat post-hospital treatments like physio and x-rays as part of your in-hospital claim. In short, we do everything we can to make sure we don’t deplete your day-to-day benefits. Which means, if used correctly, your money goes further and there are less situations where you have to dip into your own pocket.

Being really cool: We can’t really help this, it just comes naturally. We are a young-at-heart medical aid with our finger on the pulse of trends, culture and society’s changing needs. We like to think that while we are progressive, modern and innovative we still understand medical aid better than most because of our history and experience.

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