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Estate Planning

This is the most neglected aspect in our industry. It’s also an aspect where lots of tears are shed – the most of which are not because of the loss of a loved one, but due to bad, or no estate planning, where the loved ones are left uncared for.

To make it worse, is that someone – likely one of your favorite people – will be stuck with wrapping up your affairs.
But wait, there is good news! With the assistance of Care Line Group it is not difficult to put a few safeguards in place so that you won’t have to worry about such complicated issues.
The key to success is to determine your priorities and plan along these guidelines.

Your estate refers to all your assets and liabilities i.e. fixed property, motor vehicles, cash, insurance policies,
investments and all your debts. Proper estate planning will ensure that your estate is structured in the most tax
effective way, which will not only benefit your beneficiaries, but also yourself after your death.

Structure your estate and ensure that:

• There will be sufficient funds to liquidate your debts;
• There will be  income or capital, if applicable, to provide for your dependants;
• Your estate will be distributed according to your last wishes;
• Your business interests are protected;
• Tax implications are limited on estate duty, income tax and capital gains tax;
• Your estate is flexible enough to accommodate changes in the economical and legal environment, as well as your personal circumstances.

These are the things you don’t think about – maybe it’s time to do so! Let’s assist in things we specialize in.