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Education planning

A good education has become a key requirement for success in today’s society. A good education can be very expensive and requires a specific planning focus. Education planning is the process of understanding your children’s specific educational needs from a cost perspective and then making provision to ensure that you have funds to pay for that education. Education planning tends to focus on saving enough money to provide for education, but may extend to ensuring that you have funds to educate your children should you die prematurely or become disabled.

Saving for special goals 
All of us have special goals and dream of things that we would like to achieve in future. Such special goals may include an overseas holiday or a new car, for example. Saving for special goals involves identifying the goal, quantifying the amount needed to achieve it and then putting funds aside in a disciplined manner. Your financial planner will recommend a solution appropriate to your risk profile and requirements.
You may want to, or have to, save for a specific goal, i.e. a deposit on your own property, a new motor vehicle, a well deserved holiday or for your child’s education. There are numerous options available to help you to reach your goal.

An Endowment policy is a vehicle that encourages disciplined contractual savings and has become important in an individual’s medium- to long-terms investment portfolio. We will assist you to choose an investment portfolio into which your premiums will be invested. The growth of an endowment is dependant on the performance of the underlying investment portfolio chosen.

An Endowment policy provides for a lump sum payment at the end of a specified term and is aimed to provide a growth in excess of inflation rate, subject to performance of the underlying portfolio.