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Don’t Cop Out On Being A Donor

It’s World Blood Donor Day on 14 June. Here are 5 top excuses people give for not going down to their nearest blood bank, and 5 great reasons just why they should:

“Other people are giving enough blood.” Unfortunately, less than one percent of the population gives blood, which means that the majority of South Africans do not donate and there is always a need to recruit donors.

“My blood isn’t the right type.” Regular donations of all blood types are needed.

“I had an illness.” Discuss this with the trained clinic staff who will give you the right advice.

“I don’t have enough blood to spare.” The average adult body contains approximately five litres of blood and a donation is only 480ml.

“It will hurt and I will faint.” A slight pinch on the inside of your arm is all that you will feel and if you have had something substantial to eat in the four hours prior to donating, you should be fine.