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Discovery Health life insurance

Enjoy more health, more years and more life with South Africa’s number 1 life insurer.Discovery

At Discovery Life, we believe that the healthier you are, the better quality of life you’ll have and the more fulfilling your life will be.

In fact, it’s a concept we’re so committed to, we’ve made it the cornerstone of our insurance offering. And that’s why our life insurance products have taken top honors in the long-term insurance category at the prestigious annual Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa (FIA) Awards for the third consecutive year.

We are delighted to be recognized for our commitment to product, service and relationship excellence. We have worked on a number of innovations in this competitive space and are pleased that these have been so positively received. Our focus continues to be on providing excellent service to our clients through innovative products that change lives. Encouraging you to live more healthily, and rewarding you for this.

5 reasons to get your life insurance with Discovery Life

  1. The most comprehensive cover in the market

Discovery Life does not simply offer life insurance, we offer the most comprehensive cover in the market that not only covers the full range of possible life-changing events, but also rewards you for healthy behavior. Life insurance that rewards health behaviour is a first for our industry, but as South Africa’s number one life insurer, it should come as no surprise.

  1. Upfront and ongoing discounts for staying healthy and driving well

Thanks to our exclusive integration feature, the better you manage your health and wellness, the more benefits you’ll receive. Simply choose to integrate (link) your current Discovery products, such as Discovery Health, Vitality, DiscoveryCard or Vitalitydrive to your Discovery Life Plan, and you’ll immediately qualify for an initial premium discount and ongoing premium discounts as well.

  1. Only life insurer to reward you throughout your policy term, even if you claim.

This revolutionary idea we call PayBack, and to date it’s allowed us to pay back over R1 billion in assets to our clients, acknowledging and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives with financial incentives and cash back. Our PayBack benefit will pay you a portion of your premiums back every year or every five years, depending on the option you choose.

  1. Cover that automatically adapts your benefits according to your changing needs

Discovery Life’s benefits automatically transform to maintain relevance to your changing needs. Discovery Life also offers features to supplement your retirement savings.

  1. Discovery Life has an exemplary claims record.

Discovery Life has an exemplary record when it comes to paying claims enabled through innovative, objective and proactive claims assessment criteria. While it is imperative for clients to contact us after suffering a life-changing event, through our unique proactive claims service, Discovery Life can identify when a Discovery Health member qualifies for a claim.