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What should you do when you change your GP and have a chronic condition?

First you need to inform the medical aid that you are changing GP’s as they need to update the GP on their system.

If you change your GP it is important to inform him that you have a chronic condition and what type of medication you are using. It is very important to also inform your new GP on your history and when your condition started, what medication you first used and what type of treatment plan you are on.

You can always ask your previous GP to give you a report on your condition and treatment plan he referred you to go onto. Giving your GP all that information can help him see if you are using the correct medication to improve your health.  If your new GP is not happy with the medication you are using you can get a new chronic script from your GP and send it to your medical aid to process and update their system correctly.

Remember to get a new script every 6 months, the script needs to be sent to the medical aid to be updated.  This is to ensure that the dosages or change of medication is noted with the medical aid scheme to avoid any discomforts when you next collect your medication from the pharmacy.

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