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Momentum Health takes gold at the 2017 FIA Awards

Momentum Health took first place in the Product Supplier of the Year – Healthcare category at the Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA) Awards last night.

The FIA Awards recognise brands that intermediaries in the industry choose to do business with. These awards survey how financial advisers experience the quality of our products, service and overall satisfaction with our client-facing brands.

Receiving multiple nominations from intermediaries is an honour and bears testament to the trust relationship that they have built with our brands.

This year Momentum and Guardrisk were finalists in five out of the ten categories at the 2017 FIA Awards.


Short-term Insurer of the Year – Personal Lines

Long-term Insurer of the Year – Risk

Product Supplier of the Year – Employee Benefits

Product Supplier of the Year – Healthcare


Short-term Insurer of the Year – Commercial

Being finalists in these five categories and winning in the Healthcare category is significant because it means that intermediaries are seeing value in our Financial Wellness proposition. Financial advisers, who partner with our brands, are able to deliver solutions to clients that are best suited to their individual needs. It is this holistic approach that enables us to enhance the lifetime Financial Wellness of people, their communities and their businesses.

Congratulations to Momentum Health for coming home with gold. Thank you to the financial advisers who nominated us, we look forward to continuing our trust relationship with you as we strive to put our clients at the centre of what we do.

And lastly, a big thank you to all staff whose commitment and hard work earned these honours.

MMI Internal Communication

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Now, do your Multiply Health Assessment at independent pharmacies.

At Multiply, we’re passionate about helping you to improve your Financial Wellness by doing the things you already do. We’re also continually looking for ways to make your life more convenient. So, we’re excited to let you know that you can now do your health assessment at any one of our approved independent pharmacies, as well as at any Clicks, Dis-Chem or Pick n Pay pharmacies.

For your peace of mind, the health assessments done at these independent pharmacies meet Multiply’s quality and standard.

By doing your health assessment, not only will you know how you’re doing physically, but you’ll also get your Healthy Heart Score. Remember, with a green Healthy Heart Score, you get:

  • 120 points to boost your Multiply status or reward level;
  • Up to R12 000 a year in HealthReturns with Momentum Health;
  • Up to 60% off your Myriad life insurance premiums; and
  • Up to 60% in EmployeeReturns on your FundsAtWork lump-sum death and critical illness benefits.

As a Multiply member, you get one free health assessment per year. Plus, if you’re on Momentum Health, you get one additional health assessment for free. (Anything outside of this will cost R120 per health assessment, which can be paid out of your HealthSaver.)

Now, no matter where you are, you can go and do your health assessment.

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Guys, watch out for these 5 health issues

  1. Cardiovascular disease
    In cardiovascular disease, cholesterol plaques gradually block the arteries in the heart and brain. If a plaque becomes unstable, a blood clot forms, blocking the artery and causing a heart attack or stroke.

    Prevent cardiovascular disease with these steps
    a. Check your cholesterol from age 25 and every 5 years thereafter
    b. Control your cholesterol and blood pressure
    c. Quit smoking!
    d.Exercise 30 minutes per day, most days
    e. Eat more fruits and veg, and less saturated or transfats

  2. Prostate cancer
    The prostate is a walnut-sized gland behind the penis that secretes fluids important for ejaculation. It’s prone to problems as men age.

    Did you know?
    Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men other than skin cancer

  3. Depression and suicide
    Experts previously thought depression affected far more women than men. But, that may just be men’s tendency to hide depressed feelings, or express them differently than women.

    Three ways depression affects sufferers
    a. Brain chemicals and stress hormones are out of balance.
    b. Sleep, appetite, and energy levels are disturbed.
    c. Research even suggests men with depression are more likely to develop heart disease.

    Most men and women respond well to depression treatment with medications, therapy, or both. If you think you might be depressed, reach out to your doctor or someone close to you, and seek help.

    Did you know?
    Suicide is the eighth leading cause of death among all men; for young men it’s higher.

  4. Diabetes
    Diabetes usually begins without symptoms. Over years, blood sugar levels creep higher, eventually spilling into the urine. Many men finally visit the doctor because of frequent urination and thirst. The high sugar of diabetes is anything but sweet. Excess glucose acts like a slow poison on blood vessels and nerves everywhere in the body.

    Some of the possible effects of diabetes
    Heart attacks
    Kidney failure

    Prevent Type-2 Diabetes
    Eat a healthy diet
    Exercise 30 minutes per day
    Lose weight if you carry extra kilos

    Did you know?
    Just half an hour a day of physical activity reduced the chance of diabetes by more than 50% in men at high risk, found one major study.

  5. Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
    Up to 39% of 40-year-old men have erectile dysfunction
    66% of men older than 70 suffer from ED

    Men with erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, report less enjoyment in life and are more likely to be depressed. Despite the impact it has on their sex lives, ED could also be an early warning sign for ardiovascular disease, and as such, should be taken seriously if experienced frequently. ED is most often caused by therosclerosis – the same process that causes heart attacks and strokes. Having ED frequently means that blood vessels throughout the body are in less-thanperfect health.

    Did you know?
    Treatments make a fulfilling sex life possible despite ED, but they don’t cure the condition. If you have erectile dysfunction, see your doctor, and ask if more than your sex life is at risk.

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You will notice ICD-10 codes on the account received from you medical service provider.  These codes are used to indicate the condition for which you were treated.  Medical schemes use these codes to assess which conditions have been treated, in order to ensure the correct claim payments from the correct benefit, be it chronic,  day to day or dental.

The ICD-10 is a shortened version of the very long name for the code – International Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems 10th Revision. The World Health Organisation issued the code system to enable standardized descriptions for medical information.

When you joined a medical aid, you will contribute towards a specific benefit plan / option offered by your scheme.  With these codes it is possible for the scheme to get accurate information regarding the exact condition diagnosed and treated and for payment according to the terms and conditions applying to payment for the specific condition and treatment plan.

These codes are very important to ensure that PMB treatments are paid.  The standardized codes used on your account is an indication to the scheme whether the condition is a PMB or not. If an incorrect code is used on the account, it can lead to non-payment by your medical aid.  Then the client have to go back to their service provider and obtained the correct ICD-code for the specific treatment and the service provider have to resubmit the account again for processing.

No other person are allowed to request a medical practitioner to disclose the ICD-code.  The code stands for a specific condition or treatment and is confidential information regarding the patient.

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In today’s time it is very important to have medical cover as you never know when you might need it. Medical aid cover is not only for cover when you are in a situation of illness but also for any unforeseen situations.  There are so many different types of medical cover available today for you and your family.  A hospital plan is usually a good place to start because this will provides you with basic and important medical cover.

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When you have a medical aid, you need to know what exactly is covered and how about making sure that everything is covered. Without this coverage you will have to pay out of your pocket for every medical expense for yourself and your family.

This can cause you to go into debit and eventually you’r not going to be able take out a loan, credit cards or anything else. That is why a lot of single persons and families should look into gap coverage for their medical aids. Firstly find out what this coverage is exactly and if you need it.

Gap cover is a medical insurance product that can be purchased and added additionally to your existing medical aid. It assist medical aid members to be protected by covering all their short payments regarding in hospital treatments and doctors visits.

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The purpose of short term insurance is to assist you, should you be in an accident or for the loss of damage to your vehicle or goods.

You can get cover for your building (house), household contents, all risk items and vehicles.
When insuring your building, confirm with your broker that all fixtures are covered, for an example, pool pump, geyser etc.
You need to provide broker with all means of security taken to protect your property, for an example burglar bars, security gates, alarms linked to security companies, etc.

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A Mom’s Job Description

POSITION: Mother, Mom, Mama

JOB DESCRIPTION: Long term, team players needed, for challenging permanent work in an often chaotic environment.

Candidates must possess excellent communication and organizational skills and be willing to work variable hours, which will include evenings and weekends and frequent 24 hour shifts on call.

Some overnight travel required, including trips to primitive camping sites on rainy weekends and endless sports tournaments in far away cities. Travel expenses not reimbursed. Extensive courier duties also required.

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New baby on your medical aid

Did you know? Even if your new baby is born on your medical aid, you still need to register baby on the medical aid. You can register by completing an addition of dependant form or some schemes have forms specially for new born babies. You need to supply the birth certificate or ID number, if you are still waiting for the certificate from home affairs.

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Did you know ?

How easy it is to get authorisation for your hospital admission ? All we need is your clinical information and referral letter from general practitioner or specialist.  What is the clinical information referred to when obtaining authorisation ?

  • ICD 10 codes
  • Procedure codes
  • Doctor’s details
  • Doctor’s practice number
  • Hospital details
  • Hospital practice number
  • Date of admission
  • Patient details

Providing of all of the above information makes it so much easier to get your authorisation and we at Care Line can provide you with feedback in the next hour.

Contact CareLine Group on 0861 45 00 45 or complete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you.

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A professional financial advisor can help you in two important areas: medical aid and financial and investment planning. How do you get started?  An advisor should help you collect all information required to establish your financial baseline, and you should understand all of the variables that might affect your household wealth.Careline Group will assist you in your Medical Aid and finansial chooses

Your financial advisor should explain the following to you:

  • Inflation
  • Your savings rate
  • Investment returns
  • Taxes affecting your financial plan

How will you know if the strategy being recommended to you is going to be successful?
How do you know that you not setting yourself up for future problems? 
Asking enough people for advice and to get second opinions, will definitely cause conflict of advice. 
How will you then know whether you are on track to reach your ultimate financial goals?

A good financial advisor can act as your personal team member. Who will take time to get to know you well enough so she can help you make the best choices, helping you to reach your goals. To make sure all your financial parts are moving together to serve you and the people you love.

A good financial advisor will add value to your life, and will serve you greatly in your own pursuit of happiness.

CareLine Group has many years of experience in being a qualified financial experience and are backed by big names in their ferias fields. Let us assist you in making informed decisions.

Contact CareLine Group on 0861 45 00 45 or complete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you.

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Why is Life Cover important?

Life cover offers financial assistance and security in the event of death.

Just think, your spouse passes away, you have kids to look after, a bond to pay, car debt, credit card debt, etc … and you were not the main income earner. Life going forward looks gloomy and the chances of losing all your assets can become a reality.

Having planned life cover in place takes care of all these financial situations and can offer you and your family the same financial security going forward. Enough Life cover was taken by your spouse to ensure that all debt  will be settled, Estate cost has been covered and an additional surplus amount left to spouse for investing to assist with a monthly income, replacing a lost income of the deceased, going forward.

To apply for life cover is a few easy steps:

We need all your personal details i.e. name and surname, Id number, smoker status, Highest Qualification, Occupation and income. These information is of utmost importance as it is your profile with the Life Insurance Companies.

With the assistance of a Financial Planner, we do a Asset / Liability and Income/Expenses Spreadsheet. This information is critical to do an analysis of what amount of cover is needed.

Once the amount of Cover has been established, Quotations are drawn, establish cost and  affordability of Life cover. In the event of the premium amount  for cover, is not affordable, a starting affordable premium can be decided upon and  applied for which in the future can be increased to fully implement plan.Why is Life Cover important, let Careline Group tell you why

Application forms are completed, Insurance Company will ensure that any medical tests applicable to the application being finalized. Once results are received and Insurance Company (Underwriters) is happy with all, policy will be issued and cover will be put into place.

Life cover assist in financial security for a client’s personal estate as well as financial security in the Business world, should client have own business.

CareLine Group will take the time to assist you in getting life cover that will give the important people in your life, financial security when you can’t be there anymore.

Contact CareLine Group on 0861 45 00 45 or complete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you.

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Funeral cover or a funeral policy is seldom considered until the time comes to organise a funeral.Funeral cover or a funeral policy is seldom considered until the time comes to organise a funeral, Let Careline Group assist you with a plan that fits your pocket

Do you know what the costs are for a funeral in 2016?

Between R7 000.00 and R30 000.00.

Why having a funeral plan or policy?

  • It makes financial worries easier : When you as the main breadwinner passed away, you don’t want your family left with financial burdens of paying your funeral. You don’t want to deal with any financial issues while you are dealing with grief and shock at the same time.
  • It brings closure : Giving someone a proper funeral is an important part of grieving. If you don’t have cover there will always be the feeling of not officially saying goodbye to the one you loved in a proper way.
  • Bring cash quickly : Funerals have to be arranged very quickly and paid for immediately. Having a funeral policy it means the cash will be deposited into your bank account within 48 hours, so you can start with the arrangements.
  • It helps with extra funeral expenses : This can include paying for a headstone, transporting guests to and from the funeral, the ceremony and the church.
  • It gives you support as well as financial assistance : This include things like bereavement counselling, legal assistance for example obtaining death certificates.
  • Financial support even after the funeral : If you as the main breadwinner passed on, your family may be left behind without any form of income for the next few months. Some funeral covers, offers you a set of income for several months after you die.  This money can be used for things like rent, food and school fees.

CareLine Group will take the time to assist you in getting a funeral plan that will support your family in a time when making decisions isn’t easy.

Contact CareLine Group on 0861 45 00 45 or compete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you.

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Let Care Line Group answer your question about child dependent or adult dependent

How long can a child be on their parents’ medical aid as a child dependent or adult dependent?Careline Group awnsers child dependant or adult dependant questions about Medical aid

This is a very important question and something everyone should know. First of all adding a child onto your medical aid – you have to be the natural parent or have legal papers from a court that you have either adopted the child or that the child is in your foster care. You may also add the children of your spouse on your medical aid. You may not add a child younger than 21 who is not financially dependent on you.

Children older than 21 with mental or physical disabilities may also be added to the medical aid if dependent on member. Full time students may be added to the medical aid, the age they can stay on till differs from scheme to scheme. The age is mostly between 25 – 27 years old they will however pay adult dependent rates.

Proof must be provided that the child is a full time student and the child has no form of income, must be financially dependent on parent. Schemes may ask member to provide them with a declaration of income just to double check. Children may stay on their parents’ medical aid as a full time student, an adult dependent or go onto their own option and pay full time student rates. If a child is working and earning an income more than the state pension – he/she must go into their own medical aid.

It can be more affordable for a full time student over the maximum age to go onto his/her own medical aid rather than to stay on the parents’ medical aid as an adult dependent. All the medical aid schemes we deal with have great student options.

CareLine Group will take the time to assist any member to find a Medical Aid that will suite your needs.

Contact CareLine Group on 0861 45 00 45 or compete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you.

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Steps that Care Line Group takes to deal new Medical Aid applications.

New business starts with the capturing of the new medical aid application.Steps Careline Groups takes to new medical aid applications

As soon as we receive it from the admin manager, we quickly check that all the signatures are in place and that all the documents are correct and in order.

We then start capturing the member’s personal details, followed by the details on the medical aid application.  As soon as all the details are captured, we start scanning the documents to our computer for capturing.

The Care Line Group contract is then emailed to the member and the broker, and the sent email is dragged to our scan’s folder.

The medical aid application is also emailed but to the Medical aid scheme, which was chosen by the member, and again the sent emailed is dragged to our scans folder.

Should there be a Gap cover application the same is done with the application.

On the system under Medical aid notes we place a copy of the sent items (Care Line Group contract, Medical aid application and Gap cover).  On the documents scanned section another copy of the email is placed.

Lastly the member has to be sent a sms advising the member we received and processed the application, with our contact number at the end.  The same sms is also sent to the broker.  A copy of the sms is also saved under the Medical aid notes.

The  app is given back for further processing.

All further follow up on the application is done with the medical aid schemes, and members until the application is active and the COM received and sent to member with a Welcome Letter.  A Membership number is then sent to the member and broker.

Contact Care Line Group to sign up for a Medical Aid on 0861 45 00 45 or compete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you.

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Steps to take care of yourself against colds and flu

We all struggle with this time of year… colds and flu! Most of us work in an office environment and chances of colds and flu spreading is good. Here are a few tips to help everyone.Take care of yourself this winter against colds and flu

  1. Drink hot black or greentea with lemon and honey. Drinking the tea and breathing in steam stimulates the hair follicles in the nose—to move out germs more efficiently. Lemon thins mucus, and honey is antibacterial.
  2. Get enough protein, research shows that diets that are too low inprotein can make the immune system weak. Make sure to get protein-rich foods throughout the day, especially fish, eggs and yogurt.
  3. Be careful of germs at shopping centres and gym’s they are crawling with germs – always wash your hands frequently and sanitise your work space.
  4. When walking past another person and he/she is sneezing or coughing, slowly breathe out until you are away from the person.
  5. Get lots of Zinc in your system.
  6. Instead of drinking lots of water try orange juice with vitamin C.
  7. Overload your body with veggies and fruits.
  8. Sweat a bit – go for a run or do a bit of yoga to sweat out all the germs and toxins.
  9. Be careful what you touch and try not to eat from another person’s cutlery or drink from the same glass or bottle.
  10. Get as much rest as possible and relax a bit.

These days we all have a busy schedule and it is difficult to keep healthy but prevention is always better than cure.

If you are not sure what flu shots or preventative care your Medical Aid offers let CareLine Group assist you.

Contact CareLine Group on 0861 45 00 45 or compete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you.

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