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Determining when you can change your medical plan depends on whether you want to stay with the same medical scheme or not.

If you are considering changing your plan, but not the Medical aid scheme you are currently with you could only do that at the end of the year to start from January of the following year.  Depending on the rules or your current scheme.

Most schemes allow you to downgrade your plan at any time.  Some schemes might allow you to upgrade your plan, but in this case only life changing situations like cancer for instance. This you can arrange with them directly or through your financial advisor.

Some schemes will place a time limit on this upgrade ( for example, you need to change plans within 30 days of a new diagnosis ).


If you decide to change medical schemes, you can do this at any time. You are not allowed to be on two medical aids at the same time, so you need to take your time when you change. You need to resign from one scheme before you can be a member on a new medical aid. There is one month cancellation notice period to give before your membership will be terminated.

If your current plan has a savings fund and you change plans in the middle of the year,   your scheme will calculate how much savings you were entitled to on a pro-rata basis. If you have used less than this, they will refund you. If you have used more, you will need to pay it back.

When you change plans in the middle of the year, know that your benefits will be worked out on a pro rata basis for the rest of year. When changing plans, be aware of waiting periods.

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