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The follow information is requires to get an authorization number from your medical aid.Authorizations

  • The ICD 10 codes for the procedure you are going for.
  • The procedure codes for everything the Dr needs to do.
  • Date of the procedure / treatment.
  • The Dr and Hospitals practice numbers.

When getting the authorization number from your medical aid it is also very important to asked if they cover the whole procedure or treatment that members are going for so you are aware if there will be co-payments or not.

Member needs to call the medical aid at least 48hours before the day of procedure or treatment so the medical aid can have enough time to process the necessary information so if they require more information there is still time to get the required information and process it.

All members must also be aware if you are in your first years of joining the medical aid the medical aids always have to do an investigation to see if it was not a non disclosed condition, then they will need more information from the member Doctor or Specialist regarding the procedure before they can authorize the procedure or treatment.

CareLine Group will take the time to assist you in Authorizations on our Medical Aid Assist programs, click here to read more.

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