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Access Option

These are 2016 rates for Momentum Plan: Access Option

Major Medical Benefit 
Specialists covered up to 100% of the Momentum Health Rate Hospital accounts covered in full at the rate agreed upon with the hospital group No overall annual limit applies

Hospital provider
Access Network hospitals

Specialised Procedures
19 procedures covered – e.g. hernia repairs, laser tonsillectomy or grommets

Chronic Benefit
26 conditions covered

Day-to-day Benefit
Primary care benefits such as medicine, GP visits, basic dentistry, basic radiology and basic pathology

Chronic and Day-to-day provider
Access Primary Care Network

Health Platform 
Covers benefits such as Health Assessments, dental examinations, routine GP check-ups, pap smears, etc.
Maternity benefit: 4 antenatal visits and 2 growth scans

Your in-hospital provider Your chronic and day-to-day provider  Member  2 Members 2 Members
& Child 
Access Network hospitals Access Primary Care Network R1 693 R3303 R3810

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