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10 Things to ask yourself before choosing a medical aid:

  1. How healthy are you? Your current health has everything to do with the option you choose. You need to look at benefits like chronic cover, specialist visits, pathology and radiology. You need the correct benefits to go with your current health. If you are a young woman you might want to look at pregnancy benefits for future planning.
  2. How much money do you want to spend per month? Affordability is something we all struggle with in life. We can only take the medical aid cover we can afford.
  3. What is your family like? The age of the family makes a difference on what option to choose as you may need child rates until a certain age. The type of sport and activity of the family should be taken into consideration. If you have small babies or children you might want to look at a plan covering child immunisations.
  4. Comprehensive or hospital plan? If you are a healthy individual or family, choosing a hospital might make more sense. A hospital plan might work out a bit more affordable if you choose to pay day to day out of your own pocket.
  5. How financially sound is the scheme? Ask for the latest financial statements and reports to get an indication of how well the scheme is doing financially. Ask for the solvency ratio.
  6. How quickly does the scheme pay out claims? Do a bit of research at one or two different doctors or hospitals to find out if the scheme has issues paying out claims.
  7. Will there be a waiting period when joining? This is a period where contributions are being paid without having full cover.
  8. Have you read the fine print? Make sure you are aware of all co-payments, limits, and exclusions.
  9. What is the scheme’s payout rate? If a medical aid says they pay 100% of scheme rates it is not the same as paying 100% of a specialist’s bill.
  10. Is the scheme registered and does your broker have credentials? Make sure the medical aid is registered with the CMS. Make sure your broker is registered with the FSB and accredited by the CMS.

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